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Replacing Missing Teeth

If you’re like 70% of American adults, you’ve experienced tooth loss. Missing teeth contribute to a variety of lifestyle adaptations. You may lack the ability to chew the foods you love and the confidence to participate in social events. Missing teeth can also impair your speech, cause remaining teeth to shift, and ultimately, result in bone loss. Fortunately, modern dentistry has given us reliable replacement-teeth options.

The Shocking Statistics:

  • 50 million Americans have lost all of their teeth
  • Gum disease accounts for 70% of tooth loss
  • If a tooth is not replaced, up to 20% of remaining teeth can fall out as the result

Options for Tooth Replacement
Dr. Philipps offers two options to replace missing teeth—crown and bridgework and dental implants. Let’s review them:

Crown and bridgework – Also called a fixed bridge, crown and bridgework consists of crowns attached to healthy teeth on either side of the gap left by a missing tooth and an artificial tooth to fill the gap. Fixed bridges can replace a single tooth or a couple of adjacent missing teeth. This non-removable option prevents remaining teeth from shifting, supports facial muscles, and creates an esthetically pleasing appearance.

Dental implants – This two-part replacement-tooth option addresses the missing tooth, as well as the missing tooth root. A titanium post inserted into the jawbone serves as an artificial tooth root, firmly anchoring the replacement tooth. Once the dental implant posts are in place, Dr. Philipps can fasten a crown, bridge, or modified denture. Widely accepted as the “Gold Standard” for tooth replacement, dental implants offer unrivaled comfort and function. The artificial tooth root prevents the bone loss that occurs when teeth fall out, and dental implants last most people a lifetime.

The type of replacement tooth you receive will depend on your oral health status and personal goals. To receive dental implants, patients typically need adequate bone structure and favorable overall health. Dr. Philipps will explain all of your options and recommend the method that’s best for your smile.

Since 2000, Midland and Odessa-area families have trusted Dr. Philipps with their smiles. Call today to reserve your checkup, consultation, or second-opinion visit. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice and developing a lasting relationship built on trust and integrity.

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